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February 28, 2017
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Mariaglaja tsurugensis - picture: Danny Van Belle - Location: Sabang bay - Puerto Galera - philippines

Mariaglaja tsurugensis

Super family : PHILINOIDEA
Familie: Aglajidae
Genus : Mariaglaja
Species : Mariaglaja tsurugensis

Location : Sabang bay – Depth : 5m – Puerto Galera – Philippines

Originally described from Tanzania, in East Africa, but also found this species on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.

Mariaglaja tsurgensis is a highly variable species, usually black with white and orange dots, the latter may be surrounded by opaque white. In some specimens the opaque white can cover almost the whole body, there are also complete black specimens reported, some scientist guess a synonymy of it with Chelidonura tsurugensis Baba & Abe 1959, (in IPN as Chelidonura tsuruganus) which is characterized by an opaque white marking at the anterior edge of the head-shield on each side.
Possible colour variants are Chelidonura sp. 01, Chelidonura sp. 02, and Chelidonura sp. 03.

Location : Sabang bay – Puerto Galera – Philippines