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March 20, 2017
Chelidonura amoena
March 1, 2017

Chelidonura hirundinina - picture: Danny Van Belle - Loaction: St. Eustatius - Caribbean

Chelidonura hirundinina

Superfamily : PHILINOIDEA
Family : Aglajidae

Picture by Danny Van Belle – Divesite : Double wreck – St. Eustatius – Caribbean – Depth : 20 m

Tropical Indo-West Pacific, Caribbean.

Species of Chelidonura are characterised by the pair of tapering “tails”, (the genus name referring to the chela-like tails), and the mounds of sensory bristles on either side of the mouth. Sensory bristles are present in all aglajids, but they are most prominent in Chelidonura. Until a few weeks ago the food of Chelidonura was a mystery but thanks to participants to the Seaslug Forum we now know they feed on flatworms. Chelidonura hirundinina usually does not exceed 40mm, but is often much smaller.

Chelidonura hirundinnina

Chelidonura hirundinnina - Location : St. Eustatius - Caribbean - Dive site : Double wreck - Picture : Danny Van Belle